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9 Reasons to travel Vietnam

Rich gastronomy, cultural diversity and low cost are the reasons why Vietnam holiday is choice of international tourists. Many beautiful beaches, good and cheap hotels, guesthouses, culinary impressions are factors that Thailand has so far topped the choice of travelers to Southeast Asia. However, recent years Vietnam has gradually overcome Thailand because it is easy to find less crowded holiday destinations and much more affordable choice for travelers. Smarter Travel has just given 9 reasons for travelers to spend a Vietnam holiday as below;

Reasons to travel Vietnam

Vietnam's specialty is known for harmony flavors from different cultures. A typical example is the bread, using French baguette bread but sandwiched kinds Vietnam's traditional (pork, pate, fried eggs, beans, fresh vegetables).

Burgers are one of the dishes not to be missed when travelers to Vietnam.

Because the majority of the population are Buddhist vegetarian tourists should come here and have more options. You can find amazing food such as noodles, sticky rice, steamed dumplings, noodle rolled ... everywhere.

Destination 3 in 1
Vietnam has a coastline of over 3,000 km stretching and is divided into 3 North, Central and South with different climatic conditions in the same time. For example you will see snow in the mountains of the north, in the south at the same time the temperature can reach 30 degrees C.

Each region has its own scenery, from the mountains, the bay in the north to the vast prairies of central and characterizing delta land of the south.

The language
Many travelers have a habit of learning some phrases commonly used when the country where English is not the primary language. However, when arriving in Vietnam, you will be surprised and feel comfortable because many indigenous people can communicate in English.

In fact, this language is taught in all schools of Vietnam. In addition, the Vietnamese are very excited to talk with visitors in English, especially at meetings "hello" (hello) and send "thank you" (thank you).

The people
Every place on Vietnam travel itinerary, you are the indigenous people warm hospitality without expecting return. This hospitality is worth to you to decide to come here. Unlike other destinations, the sellers will always give you comfort when choosing and no frets when you refuse to buy.

Low cost here
You can book a round-trip airfare from Sydney (Australia) to Ho Chi Minh City in about 550 USD, affordable prices for flights lasting 10 hours. Guests also booked the tickets cheaper when derived from Darwin or Perth, also in Australia.

Cheap accommodation expenses
Can not deny that a lot of things in Vietnam are cheap. According to the site xe.com have time an AUD (Australian currency) by 16 870 contracts. Guests will find their money while in Vietnam have much greater purchasing power.

You can enjoy a cool glass of beer for less than a dollar a sidewalk cafes. Photo: Huong Chi.

Decent meal for a drink together cost less than 10 dollars and you can stay in 5 star hotel for less than 70 USD a night. If travelers want to save is also very easy because the cost of a day in Vietnam are usually less than $ 20.

As a history buff, you should know that Vietnam does not hesitate about his past. Tours of the War Remnants Museum, Hoa Lo Prison and the Cu Chi tunnels will give visitors the chance to look back before the Vietnam era clearest way.

You will feel the history in a different aspect from what only know from books, with the evidence on display from Vietnam who has experienced such a difficult period like.

Multiple Destinations
Vietnam has 8 points is a UNESCO world heritage site Halong Bay National Park Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park, Hoi An ancient town, My Son Holy Land

Son Doong - the world's largest cave recently discovered and published. Photo: National Geographic.

If the selected point in mid-peak and peak times, you will find these places quite crowded. Vietnam has many places people have not been explored, notably Son Doong - the world's largest cave has only been known in recent years.

The culture
Vietnam is a country with a very diverse culture. Going from north to south, if only for a few hours, you'll feel like you're crossing "international borders".

Actual Vietnam possesses the richest cultures in Southeast Asia. Because it is home to over 50 different ethnic groups, each group has a distinct language.

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