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Paradise Cave in Phong Nha

Discovered by Ho Khanh, a local man and researched by scientists from the British Cave Research Association in 2005, Paradise cave in Quang Binh was quickly named as the world’s most magnificent cave and has become a UNESCO-recognized world natural heritage site. The cave has a length of over 31.4 km, the width ranges from 30 to 100m, the widest place up to 150m; height from the bottom up to the ceiling of about 60-80m.

Paradise cave is now a favourite Vietnam holiday destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. Vietnam travel company has just inspected this cave and we would like to provide some information as below.

How to get there?
Paradise cave is about 60km from Dong Hoi city and to get to Dong Hoi, there are few ways as below;
1. Take a flight from Hanoi with VN 8591 08:05 09:30, the fare is from US$50.
2. Take the train from Hanoi with train SE1 19:30 - 05:35, the fare is from US$25
3. Take overnight bus from Hanoi and it takes around 8 - 9 hours.
4. Hire a car from Hue, You can make one day trip from Hue as it is around 160km from Dong Hoi city.

Note: The entrance fee is 250.000 VND per person = US$11 and it can be visited all year

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