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How to Obtain a Vietnam Visa Easily

There are some countries are exempt from Vietnam visa like Southeast Asian countries or UK, Spain, Italia, Spain and Germany but not more than 15 days. Applying Vietnam visa is still a must-thing to do with most of the travelers to Vietnam.

Obtaining Vietnam visa seems complicated and difficult, but it turns out to be very easy if you know the following information.

1. Vietnam visa can be obtained at any Vietnamese embassy aboard. So it will be convenient if there is one in your city.

2. Vietnam visa can be obtained online through a travel company in Vietnam. This is highly recommended way as it is reliable, cheap. You can obtain few months before your arrival in Vietnam.

3. Vietnam visa requirements are simple and processing time is quick. Normal Vietnam visa processing time is from 1-2 days, urgent case can be done within 2 hours in working days.

Steps to obtain Vietnam visa online

1. Send your passport to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or submit your passport information at http://cheapvietnamvisaonline.com/apply-vietnam-visa. Your passport information is secured and protected.

2. Pay the fee for obtaining Vietnam visa, price is from US$7 per person only. (It is US$20 for American)

3. We send you the "Vietnam visa approval letter", what you have to do is to print it out and bring it with you to get Vietnam visa stamp at arrival airport in Vietnam.


The fee for Vietnam visa stamp at the airport is US$ 25 per persons / one month visa (for American, the fee is US$135 per person). Please prepare cash and 02 photos (size 4*6 cm or similar).