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Useful Tips For Travelers Going From Cambodia To Vietnam

Known as the safe and idyllic destination that is ideal for the all-year-round tours, Cambodia calls for the tourists’ interests in its huge collection of the age-old temples and pagodas. And the most remarkable site is Angkor Wat, the UNESCO World Heritage.

The Cambodia tourism is being improved with lots of standard hotels, restaurants, bars, etc., but there stand some uncomfortable aspects during the Cambodia Tours that the tourists can tolerate such as the uneven ground and relentless heat in the middle of the day.

For anybody that intends to travel from Cambodia to Vietnam, the following useful tips have just been created to facilitate their next trips across the borders between these two Southeast Asian countries.

Vietnam - Cambodia Border Crossing

In general, Vietnam and Cambodia share the five international border crossings. These borders are open for all foreign tourists who go with the valid passport or visa. The first and also the lengthiest border crossing between these two Southeast Asian countries is Moc Bai - Ba Vet. This border is on the major bus route between Ho Chi Minh City and Phnom Penh.

The independent tourists and those using boat services can reach the Vinh Xuong - Kaam Sammor border crossing for the quick access between Vietnam and Cambodia. For the riders, they can use the motorbike to cross the borders including Tinh Bien - Phnom Den, Le Thanh - O Yadao, and Xa Xia - Prek Chak. In these border crossings, the Cambodia tourists find the adequate International Checkpoints to enter Vietnam.

Traveling from Cambodia to Vietnam by Air and by Boat

The procedure to cross Vietnam international checkpoint from Cambodia is made simple and convenient. Traveling by air and boat are two most interesting options preferred by many Cambodia people. Though it’s easy to ride, flying and boating offer the incomparable excitement.

The flights from Siem Reap International Airport or Phnom Penh International Airport take the Cambodia guests to Hanoi or the Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam at a quick and comfortable manner. Besides, the Mekong Cruises are the top choices for the passengers that appreciate the luxurious stay on the full-amenity cruises. Boating along the Mekong River from Cambodia to Vietnam fills your eyes with the picturesque waterway and the exotic nature. You may also sail through the small canals and find some floating villages.

Ways to obtain Vietnam Visa for Cambodian Tourists

Vietnam allows the nationals of Cambodia to enter its land WITHOUT a visa for 30 days of stay because Cambodia is a member of the ASEAN. But if they plan to stay in the S-shaped country more than 30 days, there are three channels for the Cambodian citizens to get a Vietnam Visa.

First, they can apply for a visa at the nearest Embassy of Vietnam in Cambodia in person. The second way is seeking assistance from the authentic travel agents. And, the third channel is applying for a Vietnam visa on arrival from Cambodia via the online visa suppliers by using the 6-month-valid Cambodia passport.

The Vietnam visa on arrival is only valid for air travel, please remember! Once you apply for the Vietnam visa online and get the approval letter, your visa will be stamped at the International Checkpoint in Vietnam Airport.