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Planning a vietnam tour

Vietnam is one of the developing countries of the world and the development is fast paced there. So the progress is quite evident everywhere in the small and big towns, the major cities and the rural Vietnam. For a first time visitor what is really eye-catching is the diversity that is very visible. The raw and unrefined beauty of the mountains, terrains and its landscapes in its natural form is distinct in its diversity to the modern, well –planned, and progressive life in the major cities like Hanoi and Cambodia. While the highlands, the beaches and the islands promise a holiday full of adventure and thrill, you can also expect times when you will be treated in the most enlightened surroundings of the latest hotels with all the modern amenities and advanced facilities to make your days during your Vietnam tour a lot more entertaining.

If planning a Vietnam tour for the first time, there are a few things that you need to understand so that the times spent there are completely hassle free and they include:
You can start your Vietnam tour in two ways and that is by opting to either start from Hanoi and proceed southward or land in Saigon and proceeds northwards. Both international and domestic flights are available in plenty. But to move around within the country it is better to opt for buses or trains so you can experience the flora and fauna in its natural buearuy during the journey.

The best time for your Vietnam tour is during the months from March to December. These months are best as they enable you to visit both the north and the south parts of the country. For example if you start your travel in March in the southern part and by May end you can travel to the Northern part where is climatic conditions improve by May and go on until October. The southern parts experience a lovely climate from December to end of May.

Sight- seeing options are available in plenty as Vietnam is known for its historical monuments, its geographical wonders, and its man-made architectural beauty. Lakes like the Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi is a must visit for its scenic beauty as also the Ha Long Bay. The bay is a 120 meter coastline comprising of more than a 1000 islands full of absolutely stunning flora and fauna. It is a popular tourist attraction and is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Some of the other attractions include the Sa Pa rice valleys on the Muong Hoa Valley, the highest peak in Indochina called the Fansipan Mountains, and above all the beautiful pagodas that just cannot be missed.

A number of architectural wonder await the tourist in most of the cities especially the Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

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