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Getting visa to Vietnam

Getting visa to Vietnam is quite simple and easy now.

  1. Getting Vietnam visa at Vietnam embassy before you coming Vietnam. You can contact with Vietnam embassy directly for applying Vietnam visa, or you can get your visa stamped at embassy with pre-approved letter with code for pick up Vietnam visa at embassy from Vietnam Immigration Department. For the pre-approved letter, we can arrange this for your. Please fill your information in http://cheapvietnamvisaonline.com/apply-vietnam-visa
  2. Getting Vietnam visa upon arrival Vietnam (pick up Vietnam visa at the check-in point). This is simple and easy way but rarely people kmow. we can arrange pre-approved letter for Vietnam visa pick up upon arrival. Please fill your information in http://cheapvietnamvisaonline.com/apply-vietnam-visa 

We recommend for Vietnam visa upon arrival as it is legally, no additional fee, no fail. Vietnam now opening and calling for more travellers, more business people coming to Vietnam. With Vietnam visa upon arrival, Vietnam wishes to attract more tourists, more businessmen to come to Vietnam for holidays or business.

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